Isoli PT225

Isoli PT225

Isoli PT225

The new PT 225 vehicle mounted access platform is very easy to set up and use loaded with features like automatic set up, automatic boom stowing, last 2 working position memory etc

With an increased cage capacity of 230kg. The PT225 has a maximum working height of 22.5m and an outreach of 13.5m.

  • Proportional electrohydraulic controls in the cage as well as on the ground controls with possibility of carrying out several boom manoeuvres simultaneously.
  • Mounted on a 3,500kg chassis which can be driven on a standard car licence.


  • Simple to set up and operate
  • Automatic set up from ground and cage
  • Automatic boom stowing
  • Last 2 x work position memory button-automatically returns
  • Simultaneous boom functions
  • Anti-collision cab & door protection
  • Multi position ‘H’ style outriggers
  • Ultra safe platform, complies with all the latest UK standards.
  • Modern up to date lift system.
  • 230kg cage capacity.
  • Ground and cage operating system.
  • Highest build quality, components.
  • 360 degree platform rotation.
  • Cage can rotate 90 degrees
  • Emergency back up system.
  • Weatherproof covered cage controls.


Working Height 22.5m
Max Outreach 13.5m
Cage Capability 230kg
Cage Size 1400mm x 710mm x 1100mm
Length 6785mm
Stowed Height 2955mm
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